How To Use Reclaimed Oak Wood In Your Office Or Retail Store

Reclaimed wood is a great example of sustainable construction and design. Old barns, factories and warehouses no longer in use become the source of unique timber that can be applied for both exterior and interior purposes.

The Story Behind "Naily" Board Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

I Used To Burn These Gnarly Naily Roof Boards!

When I think of naily board for a barnwood walls, It always makes me smile.  Why?  When I first started out taking down barns, I used to burn these boards because they had so many nails in them.  I couldn't imagine spending the time and energy to pull all of  the nails from these boards.  It would be enough to drive you nuts!

Why Does Reclaimed Wood Flooring Come In So Many Widths?

I get asked often about what widths our reclaimed flooring comes in and of course why does it come in variable widths.  My goal for this article is to show you why reclaimed hardwood flooring typically comes in multiple widths and maybe knock off a few myths along the way.

How To Sand and Finish Reclaimed Wood Flooring in 15 Steps Or Less

Want To Save Money On Your New Reclaimed Wood Floor?

Have you considered saving some money on your new barn wood flooring?  Finishing your new reclaimed wood floor is a good option for someone who wants to save a little money.  Installing the floor is the difficult, back breaking work.  So at this point, if you are ready to put in a little sweat equity, this is certainly a DIY project. 

How Many Reclaimed Wood Walls Can You Have In A House?

Can You Really Have Too Many Accent Walls?

In a house, you could have several accent walls. If you had 10 rooms, you could do something different in each of the rooms.  Even if you did one reclaimed wood wall per room, there's lots of different ways you can do it.

12 Different Types and Colors Of Barnwood Accent Walls

What Are The Different Types and Good Colors For Reclaimed Wood Walls?

Honestly, I don't think I have ever found a bad combination of barnwood accent walls. I have a lot of customers that really worry about how it's going to go together, and if they're going to get the pieces right, the color right,etc.

Why Do You Need A Reclaimed Wood Wall?

Why Do You Need Anything?

I don't think there is anywhere that says you "need" an accent wall. But, if you are looking for a way to put the WOW factor into a room, its hard to go wrong with an accent wall.

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Where Are You Putting The New Showroom?

Did you see my post announcing our moving sale Click Here?  If not, go here to see a bunch or really nice finished inventory for sale.  But, by moving our showroom we also need to make space in our warehouse for the new showroom.

Moving Sale...Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture Showroom Liquidation

We Are Moving...HUGE Sale on In-stock Inventory Of Barnwood Furniture

We are having a BIG moving sale starting January 30th.  Everything in our showroom located at 502 N. McEwan will be on sale.  

What Is A Barnwood Accent Wall?

The short's just basically a wall that is going to accent what you already have in the house. It can be a different color paint, but in this article we are referring to barnwood accent walls.



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