For Sale: Woodmaster 718 3-Sided Molding System(SOLD)

Woodmaster 718 3-Sided Molding System 

(Update: This article originally included the 718 Woodmaster Planer Molder, but the planer molder has been sold as of 7/30/2013.  I have updated this article to feature the Woodmaster 718 3 sided molding system, still for sale) 

We have recently increased the production capacity of our shop and have outgrown our need for our Woodmaster 718 Planer Molder.  I originally purchased this machine for doing projects around my house, but then got into the reclaimed wood business.  

I added the 3 sided molding system in November 2012 and only used it for about a month.  I have replaced the planer with a Rockwell 24" planer and the 3 sided molding system with a Weinig 5 head molder.  

Here is the Woodmaster 718 3-sided Molding System (Note: This is not my video or my machine, just intended to show you how it works)  Check it out; 

Here are some pictures of the actual machine we have for sale: 


This is all the pieces for the 3 sided molding system. 

used woodmaster 3 sided molding system resized 600

If you want to learn more about the machine and what they cost new, check out

The routers alone are 50% of the cost of this system, just take a look at the cost of the routers alone on Amazon.  

The system new costs $2,095, you can check it out on Woodmaster by clicking here.  

I am asking $1,500. 

used woodmaster 3 sided molding system working resized 600

**Last 2 images source

Click here if your interested in the Woodmaster

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