Want To Build Your Own Reclaimed Wood Table? 

Have you been seeing all the pictures of reclaimed barn wood tables and thinking you would love to build your own reclaimed wood table?

How about a diy dining room table kit? 

But you don't have the wood, and maybe you need a little help? 

While we do build commissioned tables for customers, we also sell reclaimed wood lumber.  Many furniture builders and craftsman already purchase their wood from us.   A diy table with reclaimed wood is a super cool project to do.  

Key Features : Everything you need, many options, DIY friendly, instructions, 50% less than completely built table (average)

Where to start? 

Well first, what the heck are we talking about...?

Jimmy Barnwood is a Michigan based business that responsibly takes down old barns in disrepair.  We then recycle the wood into beautiful products such as reclaimed wood tables, flooring, accent walls and all kinds of custom projects.  

One Sunday morning I had a realization and an idea...not everyone can afford a completed table so why not offer diy reclaimed wood table kits that are ready to be built and assembled? 

I wrote out a blog post explaining my idea and within a couple of weeks, I had my first order. Since then, we have shipped DIY table kits all over.  Beginners, handy weekend warriors, woodworkers and the like all purchase reclaimed wood table kits. It's hard to find just a small amount and it's even harder to find kiln dried barnwood.  

We have a lot of barnwood AND we kiln dry our material.  You can build with the material that we build with and we even provide help and support to do so.  

 Why go with a DIY kit? Take a look: 

  • Obviously it's cheaper, roughly 40-50% less than a finished table.
  • Depending on what kit you choose, we do most of the work. 
  • Lumber Only, Lumber Ready and Lumber Ready With A Little Help are the 3 options..for all skill levels
  • We use all solid barnwood that has been kiln dried...we use the same materials for our tables. 
  • Same options available as if you were ordering a completed table...natural edge, character, plank look.
  • DIY Friendly....we will assist via email phone
  • Perfect for wood shops or beginner woodworkers...we support you to get it built. Got A Question? Text or Call  1-866-686-BARN or Call Locally 1-989-424-5547
  • Comes with directions and depending on your kit, email support. 
  • Great project for partners, wedding gift, options are endless!

We have 3 kits available depending on your skill set:

1- Just the Lumber Kit - For a woodworker who has all the tools and just needs the wood. 

2- Lumber Ready Kit - For intermediate skill set, has lots of tools, but maybe not the right ones. We do all the wood processing so all you have to do is glue up the top, build the base, sand, and finish the table. 


3 - Lumber Ready With A Little Help Kit - For the true beginner, everything in 1 & 2 PLUS we provide support to help you get your table built. Might have to buy a couple of tools, but nothing major. 

It's a great feeling of accomplishment every time I complete a project so I hope to share that with you.  Sign up for our blog as we will be releasing new DIY kits every 2 weeks.  

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Not sure what's next? Take a look at the options above and see what works for you.  If none of those work, please fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you ASAP!

Check out the photos...Yep, over on the right too....All results of reclaimed wood kits!


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