The Ultimate Addition To Your Fireplace...A Barn Beam Fireplace Mantel?
Most fireplaces are the focal point of a home, a gathering place, a sense of warmth and security.  Finishing your fireplace off with a barn beam mantel will give your fireplace a one-of-a-kind look.  Barn beams can carry a refined old look, a rough hand hewn appearance or even a more modern resawn beam.  A fireplace is a perfect place to bring a reclaimed wood mantel, a piece of history into your home. 
Key Features : Authentic, significant, many textures, raw to finished, each one a masterpiece

Own a piece of Americana...history...a story...

Not just a mantel, but a piece of the past living on for another generation in your home. 

I fell in love with barnwood the moment I walked up to the very first barn I planned on cleaning up. When I saw the hand hewn beams, I immediately thought of the Craftsman who painstakingly milled trees into beams all with hand tools.  

From cutting the tree down in the woods with a axe, then hauling it to where the barn would be, using a adze to turn that tree into a sqaure beam THEN putting all the pieces together to create a structure that lasted 100 plus years.  Isn't that amazing?  Almost hard to believe.  But there are numerous examples of these works of art that to the Craftsman were utilitarian. Today we are amazed at what they could do with their hands.  Unfortunately time is taking it's toll on these old structures and many are falling down or need to come down. They have become out of date for the modern Farmer.  

Think about having that symbol of hard work and purt grit on display in your home everyday.  Carry on the stories to the next generation.  Whether you have a massive 2 story wood burning fireplace to a gas insert, it doesn't matter the size because we have something to accomodate any size project.

There are numerous options for types of beams, but this will give you a breakdown of the options: 

  • Many sizes, 4x4-10x10, can custom cut.
  • Back can be cut so it sits flat against fireplace. 
  • Top can be cut flat for storing collectibles or household treasures.
  • Fastening systems available. 
  • Raw beam, sanded, or sanded, stained and finished all possible. 
  • Ends cut to length.
  • Cleaned, kiln dried. 
  • Available as hand hewn, circle rough saw marks, re-sawn from barn beams and salvaged wood beam.
  • Shipped nationwide 

Timeless...just looking at these amazing pieces of wood, you get a sense of history. Maybe its my passion, but maybe not. These old barn beams tell a story without ever even saying a word.  Build your family story around a piece of repurposed American history.  

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