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Jimmy Barnwood has been delivering high quality reclaimed barnwood flooring to Builders, Designers, and Homeowners nationwide.  I figured out pretty quickly that you had to turn the wood into something before you could consistently sell it.  My first flooring customer came to my parents farm in the Fall of 2012 when I didn't even have a shop yet.

I hadn't even made a piece of flooring yet, but they could see the amazing wood and my passion for preserving the history of these amazing old structures.  Since then we have gone on to build a business dismantling barns, re-purposing the wood into new products so the history and the story can live on for more generations.  Let's take a look at what makes this product in high demand.  

Key Features : reclaimed barnwood, 3/4" thick, multi-widths, tongue and groove, ready to install

If it's barnwood, it must be crooked, dirty, full of nails, impossible to lay flat.....

Barnwood has a stigma...it's bad! Not true. Processing barnwood into a consistent product is a system. We won't sell you a pile of crappy boards...in fact only 40-50% of the flooring we process for your floor will get used, 50-60% waste. 

You have landed at the right spot to buy authentic, processed reclaimed wood flooring for your home or business. I have learned the hard way that flooring has to be perfect in order to make a beautiful floor.  I tested out my very first batch of flooring in my own home and let's just say it was a FAIL, big time!  I used homeowner tools that created inconsistent results and making my life miserable in trying to get it together.  

I took what I learned there and realized I needed "Big Boy" tools and invested in all the right equipment to make a consistent, high quality reclaimed wood flooring.   We now manufacture thousands of square feet per year for our client base.  We ship flooring all over the US.   


Here is what you should expect of your reclaimed wood flooring: 

  • Every piece of wood has a story, we document all we know from the barns we dismantle!
  • Wide plank up to 7" wide....standard widths are 3"-6" wide. 
  • Has character only found with old growth woods
  • Skip planed to see old saw marks or planed smooth to see the amazing grain patterns.
  • We are picky...We end cut to remove waste...typically only 40-50% Material is used...
  • We clean it...no dirt...no smells..
  • We remove the nails...as many as we can anyhow
  • Kiln dried...minimizes shrinkage and eliminates creepy crawlies!
  • Boards straightened using Wienig Moulder. Long edges straight lined for perfect widths...consistent widths.
  • Straight end cuts making waste minimal...on average ONLY 40-50% of the material is good enough to ship
  • Installs just like solid, hardwood flooring from the big box stores.
  • DIY Friendly (Advanced....but manageable....)we will assist via email or phone for the entire process. 
  • Shipping friendly...typically 5-10% of per sq ft cost...shipped nationwide. 

We recycle old barn wood and manufacture wood flooring from wood barn beams, flooring and structures within the barn.  These barns were typically hand crafted with wood that was very nearby where the barn was being built since there really wasn't much transportation in the early 1900's.  

If the barn was built in the late 1800's to early 1900's, the wood is at least 100 years old since it has been placed in the barn.  Go back another 100+ years to when the tree started growing to make these magnificent structures and you are looking at the late 1700's.  Nearly back to the founding of our country.  Amazing history this wood has seen and you can now have antique wood products for your own home, unique and like no other.


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