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We are Moving.....
I was recently offered a job opportunity that I couldn't refuse so I have decided to change my reclaimed wood business over to a 100% online business. 

 I am NOT going out of business, just simply changing up my business!

 98% of my sales over the past 6 years were from online sales, so it is a natural fit.  We don't take barns down anymore so instead of having inventory on hand, I have steadily built relationships with wholesale reclaimed wood providers across the country. 

I will still have all the same great products, but now can offer them at a lower price without all the overhead expenses. 

In the meantime during our transition, I literally have thousands and thousands of board feet of beams, lumber, finished furniture pieces, tools and equipment that I am selling.  Whatever doesn't sell in the next week will be listed for an auction we are having in early May.  April 3rd at 5 pm is our cutoff date so we won't be able to sell whatever we list until the auction.  

Maybe you can wait it out, until the auction, but the best choice of selection is here now, already reduced 50% or we expect 100's of people to be here on auction day. 

Heck make us an offer, we may just say yes! 

We have 1 week to clear everything out.  Finished furniture, flooring, accent wall material, table all has to go! 100%! Don't miss out on all of reclaimed wood accent wall, flooring material, raw lumber and finished furniture products.

See some of the items below.  We will be adding to the photos all through the week. Or visit JimmyBarnwood Store....New Orders there are currently 15% Off!!

Sale Ends @ 5 p.m. April 3rd, No Exceptions


How is Reclaimed Wood Measured and Calculated?

Reclaimed Wood By The Square Foot...?...Board Foot...?..Lineal Foot...Help!

So you are considering ordering some reclaimed wood...but how do you know how much you need? 

Remember when your high school teacher said "you will use math in life someday...!! 

Well my friend, if you are ordering wood, it's time to drag out your math brain.  It is super easy to get confused and to be honest when I started, I had no clue what a board foot was!

Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls Are Sold By The Square Foot...

Reclaimed wood accent walls are measured by the square feet. Measuring square footage for accent wall material height of the room and multiply it by the width of the room and that will give you the square footage of the room or (Length x Height = Square Feet). 

Make sure when you calculate your square footage for your accent wall order that you calculate an additional 10% for waste.  This will insure that you have enough material for your project.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Is Sold By The Square Foot...

In this case, you want to measure the length of the room by the width of the room or (Length x Width = Square Feet).  This is the face amount that you will be getting to cover the area of your floor.  


How To Install Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks Over Drywall

How To Create A Barnwood Accent Wall By Yourself 

A cool way to make your house unique and different that will have your neighbors talking is to create barn wood walls inside your house. It will leave quiet the impression, and makes an excellent accent wall.

Have You Ever Seen Reclaimed Wood Wall Art? If Not....Check This Out...

I think we can all agree that if you are reading this you more than likely are a super BIG fan of I right?  Well I am always looking for new ways to utilize the wood and create new products. 

I love to maximize every piece of wood so I literally have started making reclaimed wood art from reclaimed reclaimed wood.  Yes, you read that correct, its not a spelling error as most of the art I create is using pieces that were cutoffs or tossed off to the side for some reason.  Technically I am reclaiming wood from reclaimed wood. 

3 best ways to clean reclaimed wood from old barns to use in a home

How To Clean Reclaimed Barn Wood

Barnwood is usually pretty worn and dirty when first taken down from years of wear and tear.  It has to be thoroughly cleaned before being installed in your home. But don't worry it's very easy to learn how to clean and prepare barn wood to make walls, furniture and flooring.  In this article we will discuss the 3 options that we utilize when we clean old barn wood.

Either way will work it all depends on what resources you have to work with and how you want the final board to look.  Let's go over each option....

How to Finance Your Reclaimed Wood Floor: Simple, fast loans for home improvements

Super simple, easy option for financing reclaimed wood flooring projects...

We’ve teamed up with Hearth, the online marketplace for home improvement financing, to match you with competitive loan options that save you money and get your project done right.

Why Does Reclaimed Wood Flooring Come In So Many Widths?

I get asked often about what widths our reclaimed flooring comes in and of course why does it come in variable widths.  My goal for this article is to show you why reclaimed hardwood flooring typically comes in multiple widths and maybe knock off a few myths along the way.

How To Build Your Own Reclaimed Wood Table-DIY Table Kits For Sale

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Building Your Own Reclaimed Wood Table?

How About A DIY Reclaimed Wood Table Kit?

I got a lead this week from a wife who was sort of "volunteering" her husband to build a reclaimed dining room table for their family.  She was looking for the materials and a little help with some questions along the way. 

Where To Find Reclaimed Wood For A Reclaimed Wood Table

Finding Barn Wood For Your Reclaimed Wood Table

Having A Table Built Or Wanting To Build Your Own?

The purpose of this article is to give the reader an idea of where barn wood comes from that is used in reclaimed wood tables.  I wrote it in a way that it will either help you get a better understanding of where the material comes from that will be used in your table---or---if you are building your own, how to find the material you need.  

12 Different Types and Colors Of Barnwood Accent Walls


Considering Installing A Reclaimed Wood Wall? 

Click Here For A FREE Sample Of Barn Siding...

Other Articles Related To Reclaimed Accent Wall Material:

Why Is Processed Barn Siding Better For Interior Accent Walls?

How To Prepare For A Reclaimed Barn Siding Accent Wall

Where To Buy Processed Reclaimed Barn Siding For Accent Walls




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