How To Prepare For A Reclaimed Barn Siding Accent Wall

Using Barn Siding As An Accent Wall

One really easy way to integrate some old fashioned barn wood into your home is to use it as a accent wall. This is an easy project because you likely can go over the drywall or whatever other type of treatment that is already there, such as drywall.


Utilizing all the different colors of barn wood can produce a really unique, one of a kind accent that will make anyone visiting to say "wow, that's sooooo coo!l", at least that was the reaction of kids and visitors at my house and office.

This is a pretty simple diy wood wall project, but if you need help, just check out the button below and we can provide some assistance. But if you are venturing out on your own….here's how to do it….


1. Choose Your Color

Do you want mix and match or one solid color? You can usually be found in a variety of red, grey, silver, brown and white. For my application I chose to use all the colors with exception of white. In my situation, I don't think white would have worked so well. So you have to decide what color you want.

Our most typical color options are:

  • All Grey
  • Grey, Brown
  • Red, Grey, Brown
  • All Red
  • Distressed Brown
  • We Can Mix and Match, Custom Color....Lots of Options!

2. Measure And Determine How Much Process Barnwood Siding You Need

Just measure length by width and multiply the 2 numbers to get your square footage. For example, if your wall is 10' long and 8' high, you would simply multiply 10'x8' to get 80 sq ft.  Barnwood accent walls are typically sold by the square foot, so you will be ahead of the game by knowing your exact square footage.

Don't forget to add a little extra just in case. We typically suggest 10%.  For 80 sq ft, you would need 8 additional sq ft (80*10%=8 sq ft). Since we bundle it in 10 sq ft bundles, you would want to round up to 90 sq ft total for your order.

3. Determine Preferred Width Of Siding

Most of the time, the siding is not consistent widths. This can make it a challenge to fit pieces together, so you have to decide if you want random sizes or consistent width.

We typically fill orders with 2 widths, typically 2" apart such as 2" & 4", 5" and 7".  Knowing your preferrance for widths allows us to come as close as possible.  Our inventory goes up and down; sometimes we have a lot of narrow material and others we have very wide material. Just let us know your preference and we will let you know what we can do.

4. Make Sure You Have The Tools

Your going to need a saw. The pieces may still need to be end trimmed. You can use a skill saw with a straight edge or even better would be a mitre saw.

A finish nail gun would work the best for fastening, doesn't matter if you have air or cordless.

For nails you have to consider the depth of the wood, depth of drywall and at least a 1/2 inch into the wood. You can use construction adhesive if your worried the nails won't hold.

5. Order The Material

Now you know what you need, now you just need to place an order. There are many different ways to purchase the wood. You can try Craigslist, but you never really know what you are going to get.

Your best bet is a local reclaimed wood provider. They will have lots of different sizes and likely many different shades of siding for your choices. Plus, if you want the material ripped to a specific width, they can handle that for you. Jimmy Barnwood ships all over the US and other parts of the world so we would be happy to help you with your order.

If I haven't convinced you to buy from us, I have a few words of advice. You want to make sure the siding has been cleaned. 100 years of animals, straw, dirt, hay, and manure will likely be attached to the wood when it is taken off the building. You want to make sure the wood is cleaned properly.

We Can Help Eliminate The Worries, Make Your Reclaimed Wood Wall With Processed Wood

Not sure what processed siding means? Check out my article called Why Is Processed Barn Siding Better For Interior Accent Walls? We make the processed siding into an enjoyable project for either a DIY application or a simple installation for your Contractor. Want to get pricing and learn more?

Interested In Pricing or More Information? Click Here...

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Jimmy Hovey, MBA
Written by Jimmy Hovey, MBA

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