Where Do You Buy Reclaimed Wood Wall Material?
Well from US of course!  We do our best to answer all the questions in our blogs and product pages, but realize you may still have some questions.  Let's see if we can clarify some of those now. 
Key Features : Ready to install, cleaned, kiln dried, squared 4 sides,minimal waste

Shipped UPS Nationwide.....

No "Looks LIKE Barn Wood" Here, THIS IS Real Barn Wood...

You have come to the right spot to buy authentic, processed barn wood for reclaimed wood walls.  We process thousands of square feet of barn siding each year and ship it all over the country.   You can go out and buy a cheap pile of siding or save time, money and heartache by getting the right material from the start.  

We found out the hard way how NOT to process and install reclaimed siding accent walls when I did my own home.  You get the benefit of learning from my mistakes when I installed my reclaimed wood wall and I came up with this process.

If you are going to do it right you will want:

  • Material that is hand picked...
  • We clean it...no dirt...no smells..
  • We remove the nails...as many as we can anyhow
  • Kiln dried...minimizes shrinkage and eliminates creepy crawlies!
  • Long edges straight lined for perfect widths...consistent widths.
  • Straight end cuts making waste minimal...on average ONLY 40-50% of the material is good enough to ship
  • DIY Friendly....we will assist via email phone
  • Shipping friendly...just request a shipped quote and we will include it in the sq ft cost. 

Would you rather spend an entire weekend (or 2 or 3 weekends) just getting the material ready to apply to your wall?

Do you want little spiders crawling out of your new wall?  

Install it and immediately think what stink?

Or a month later notice there are 1/2" gaps between each row?  

Our products may seem expensive, but you can typically install your reclaimed barn wood wall in a weekend.  The material comes to you already cut and ready to apply.  Kiln drying the last 24-48 hours at 130 degrees eliminates anything that may have chosen to take residence in the century or so while attached to the barn.  We clean the dirt and drying the wood eliminates any potential for oders.  Kiln dried wood will shrink minmally....my first wall ended up with 1/2" gaps...but IT WAS NOT KILN DRIED...but now I know!

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